5 Smart Tips on Where to Put Mirrors

Mirrors are great home accessories that not only serve a practical function of reflection, they also bring beauty and style to any room. In a small room, a big mirror can create the illusion of space; in a dark room, it will bounce off light within the room. Interior designers love mirrors and so should you. A simple mirror can do wonders when its position is perfect.¬†When incorporating mirrors in a room, there are certain spots where a mirror can enhance the style of the room. Don’t just put a mirror where you please since knowing these best spots can maximize the effect which a mirror can bring.


Tip #1 Reflect a nice view.
Position a floor mirror at angle which will reflect the most beautiful area of the room such as an interesting painting, a lovely chandelier, or an eclectic collage of family photos. To bring the outdoors inside your home, place a large mirror to reflect the greenery of the garden, a romantic cityscape, or the calm blue water of the sea.








Tip #2 Near a light source.
Because of its reflective property, a mirror is good to have in a dim room since it can reflect light from natural and artificial sources. Place a mirror near a window or a front door to reflect sunlight and brighten up the space. If there is no window, try hanging a wall mirror to reflect an ornate chandelier in the dining room or scones in the bathroom.

Tip #3 Frame a fireplace.
Place two mirrors on opposite sides of the fireplace to make the living room look larger. The size of the mirrors should be proportional to the fireplace so you can create balance among the elements. The color of the mirror’s frame can be similar to the walls for a cohesive look, or a bright pop of color for a beautiful contrast.








Tip #4 In a narrow space.
Bring a large mirror in a narrow space such as a hallway, closet, or entryway. Make it reflect a bold paint treatment to create a tunnel-like effect, making the space seem never-ending. At the end of the hallway is also a great idea since the mirror will brighten the area which usually lacks light.


Tip #5 At the buffet table.
Placing a mirror to reflect the buffet table is a good practice in feng shui. It will reflect the delicious and colorful food, making the food look more appetizing. The mirror will “double” the quantity of the food visually which means doubling the fortune in feng shui.

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Image source: www.houzz.com