How to Hang a Large Mirror


A large mirror is a great home accessory that makes a small room look more expansive and brings in light to a dark room. It is a beautiful item to have at home but a large mirror also means that it is heavy. The weight of the wide glass and its equally hefty frame makes the mirror difficult to move and hang.

Hanging a large mirror needs extra precaution since a slip or small accident could easily break this fragile mirror. This project needs two people so ask a friend to help you.

Below are the materials and steps for hanging a large mirror:


  • wood screws
  • screw eyes
  • screw driver
  • toggle bolts
  • pencil
  • level
  • tape measure
  • electronic stud finder (optional)


1. Inspect the large mirror. Check the back of the mirror if the screws are firmly secure to the frame. See if the mirror wire is tightly twisted at the screw eyes.

2. Measure the mirror. Use a tape measure to get the length of the mirror. Measure twice so you have the accurate size. Divide this measurement by two and that is the center of the mirror. Look for the ideal place to hang the mirror.

3. Find the wall studs. Studs are the vertical member that frame the house, hidden behind the walls. You can use an electronic stud finder or knock gently on the wall and listen for high sounds. If there’s no stud, you will hear hollow sounds.┬áMark the point where the center of the mirror will be placed on the wall. Mark two adjacent points near the center. Use a level to make sure that you have a straight line among the three points.

4. Drill the screws. Using the marked points as guide, drill a pilot hole on each spot. Insert the wood screws and tighten with a screw driver. Leave at least 1 inch of screw protruding since this is where you will hang the mirror.

If you can’t find the studs behind the location that you want, you can use toggle bolts. Install toggle bolts on each marked spot on the wall.

5. Hang the large mirror. Have your helper assist you in hanging the large mirror. Adjust the mirror to make sure that it is centered against the wall. Remember that this is a two-person project. Don’t attempt to do this by yourself since it will be impossible for you to lift the large mirror and hang it securely on the wall on your own.

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