Mirror Buying Guide from MirrorLot

Mirrors are beautiful and useful accessories for the home, office, or merchant shop. A well-placed mirror can make a small and narrow room look big visually. When hung near a window or light fixture, it helps illuminate a dark space. It is a less expensive home accessory that can instantly transform a room.

Mirror Range
Here at MirrorLot, we provide mirrors in a wide variety of sizes and designs. We specialize in large, custom sized mirrors for the living room, dining room, bathroom, and any other room whether for home or business. Here are the most popular mirrors that we manufacture:

  • Framed mirrors
  • Full length mirrors
  • Floor mirrors
  • Wall mirrors
  • Custom sized mirrors


Mirror Sizes
Aside from standard sizes of mirrors, MirrorLot excels in manufacturing large mirrors from 24″ x 24″ sizes up to 84″ x 24″ (that’s 7 ft. x 2 ft.!). You can ask for a custom sized mirror to exactly fit your design needs.┬áThese big mirrors are ideal for the family room, hallway, home office, and even restaurants.

Mirror Frames
There are a variety of frame designs available at MirrorLot. We offer high-end, museum-class moulding in different classic colors including black, white, and brown. Our frames are designed in different styles from rustic to contemporary. Whether you’re decorating your dressing room, living room, or bathroom, you can get the perfect frame to showcase your mirror.

Custom Made Mirrors
Since not all decorating projects are the same, we provide custom-made mirrors to fit your taste and style. You can design the mirror the you want by providing the size and selecting its matching frame.

Best-priced Mirrors
Our mirrors are great in quality and retailed at the best prices. Since you are buying directly from us, you won’t have to pay extra for overhead costs compared to buying from home decor stores. Mirror sales are always posted online so you can get big discounts for our lovely mirrors.

Wholesale Mirrors
The quantity of mirrors in an order is not an issue for us since we can cater orders of 1 up to more than 250 mirrors. For wholesale orders, we have a team specifically assigned to handle bulk orders and we give discounted rates for these. The more mirrors you order, the bigger discounts we can offer. We can build and deliver mirrors according to your specifications on sizes and designs.

Years of Experience
MirrorLot is in the business of manufacturing mirrors for more than 30 years. We have provided mirrors for home owners, interior designers, and decorators. Our mirrors have graced the walls of homes, restaurants, resorts, and hotels. Check out our website: www.mirrorlot.com.