5 Inspirations in Decorating with Red Framed Mirrors

Red is a bright color usually associated with opposite sides of human emotions: love and anger. Using the color in decorating is a great way to bring color to a space, create a romantic feel in an room, or to draw attention to an otherwise unnoticeable part of a house. Red can complement almost any color scheme but you should be careful not to go overboard in using this color because too much red can be too overpowering.

A quick and easy way to add red in your home is using a red framed mirror. A large mirror with a beautiful red frame, when well-placed, can complete a look of a room. Mobdro Here are some inspirations that you can use:

Bring color with red. Energize a space by having a huge red framed mirror in a neutral colored room. This dining area uses white, cream, and brown in its color scheme. The red mirror gives the area a pop of color. If you have a room which you feel is boring and lifeless, try adding a red mirror.

Go dramatic. If you’re aiming for a dramatic, theatrical feel, hanging a red framed mirror works well in a dark background. A big mirror over the bar blends well in this elegant space, giving the right amount of attention to the beautiful space.

Don’t forget red in a colorful palette. Red is a primary color. If you’re aiming to create a fun and playful atmosphere, make red number on in your color list. A big mirror with a vivid red frame is a great decorating element in this colorful child’s room. It brings just the right amount of “fire” against the cool mint green wall.

Try geometric. This rectangular frame with a geometric design is a great element in an Asian inspired room. The mirror itself has a simple shape and the red frame attracts attention to it. The lines are clean and straight, Mobdro APK and the color is widely used in Asian designs.

Use the right red. The color red comes in several shades. Choose a shade that best complements the style of the room. In this living room, the decorator hung a huge mirror in a red frame with brown undertones. The shade complements the other colors used in the area and the ornate carving blends with the other design elements in the room.

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Image source: www.houzz.com