Tips for Hanging a Heavy Mirror


Mirrors bring functionality and beauty to any home, office, or shop. The bigger the size, the greater impact in a space. A large mirror can be a lovely addition to a room. Its massive size demands attention to it and aside from being a practical item, it can be used to enhance the style of a room. Big mirrors are heavy and you must take extra precaution when handling and hanging them. A slight bump or slip can damage it and break it to millions of pieces. When hanging a heavy mirror, here are tips to help you position your big mirror in one piece:

Tip #1 Use a hanging apparatus which is higher rated than the weight of the mirror.  Most mirrors come with D-shaped strap hangers attached at the back. If there is no hardware installed, go to your nearest DIY store and get the appropriate hanger. Its package displays the weight it can hold, so choose one that matches your mirror. To be on the safe side, choose a hanging device that can carry more than the weight of your mirror. Get the best priced hardware to get the best security for your large mirror.

Tip #2 Use a mirror wire. A mirror wire is different from a picture wire so make sure you’re using the right wire for your mirror. A mirror wire is thicker, stronger, and has more tensile strength compared to a picture wire. It is tough and it can hold great weights such as a big mirror.

Tip #3 Distribute the mirror weight. Screw more than one hook at the back of the mirror. If your mirror only has one hanging device at the back, it puts a lot of pressure on the hardware and on the hook on the wall. This setup will not give enough support to a heavy mirror and overtime, the screw and hook will come away from the mirror and the wall, therefore breaking your mirror.

Tip #4 Make a paper template as guide. Place the mirror on a construction paper or old newspaper and draw the dimensions of the mirror. Cut the template. Place it on the wall where you want to hang the mirror. This paper template will make it easier for you to visualize how your mirror will look and affect the overall design of the room.

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