Wood Framed Mirrors for Modern Homes

Put some rustic, country feel in a modern home by incorporating wood framed mirrors. Wood home decor gives character to any home themes. It brings a classic feel and authenticity to a home. There are many types of wood used as material for a mirror’s frame to suit one’s taste and style.

People love using wood as decoration because of this three benefits: durability, authenticity, and modifiable. Wood furniture is strong, easy to maintain, and lasts a long time. Think about those old houses, barns, etc. which used solid wood. These woods are durable that they are usually reclaimed and restored to be used for another furniture or as a design statement in a house. A simple wood furniture, such as a wood framed mirror, can make a room look more valuable. Scratches, stains, or dents give a wood furniture character and a more authentic look. The beauty of wood as home decor is that you can easily modify it to update its look. Varnishing, staining, or painting it can give it a fresh, brand new look.

Here are some inspirations where wood framed mirrors are used in homes:

The big, wood-framed mirror gives this traditional living room a touch of nature. The wood is strong and sturdy, and the color is a great accent to the cream wall.

A rustic themed bathroom uses a large mirror with a wood frame. The mirror adds to the country feel of the vanity and doesn’t clash with the wood used in the walls. It’s like seeing an opening in the wall.

The thick wood framed mirror echoes the material used in the dining table. The frame is composed of several layers of wood secured together to create the frame’s design.

Add a mosaic mirror using wood tiles to complete the vanity area. This vanity has a chair made of reclaimed wood and the mirror enhances the rustic feel of the area. The color of the wood also is a great accent in the mocha and white background.

The beautiful wood frame of this large mirror enhances the classic beauty of this area in the modern living room. The design of the wood tiles give the frame a beveled look and makes the mirror look larger. The position of the mirror helps in reflecting natural light.

A simple white wood frame is perfect in this oversize mirror. The size of the mirror makes the room look spacious and the scones above the mirror gives a soft, subdued lighting.

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Image source: www.houzz.com