How to Find the Perfect Bathroom Mirror

A bathroom is not complete without a mirror. Bathroom mirrors are available in different styles and sizes and buying can be exciting and at the same time, overwhelming. Here are some tips for finding the perfect mirror for your bathroom.

Tip #1 – What’s your bathroom style? Check the style of your bathroom. The mirror should blend with the bathroom style. If you are thinking about updating the look of your bathroom, select a mirror according to the new style that you want. Do you want the new style to be modern, eclectic, contemporary, traditional, tropical, or rustic? The mirror should be able to match the new bathroom style.

Tip #2 – Measure twice, buy once. Make sure you have the right measurements of the mirror that you are going to buy. Measure the size of the mirror twice. Check the area where you will hang the mirror so you can see how big or small the mirror should be. Measuring twice avoids waste of time and money. If you have the accurate measurements with you, you can be sure that the bathroom mirror will fit right in the wall space. This prevents you from returning the mirror back to the store and possibly, incurring costs in the return process.

Tip #3 – Consider the mirror shape. What shape of the bathroom mirror do you want? There are rectangular mirrors, squares, ovals, rounds, and irregular shaped ones. Think about the shape of the mirror and see if it complements the other elements in the bathroom.

Tip #4 – Framed mirror or not? Mirrors can either be an edgeless-wall mount mirror or framed. A framed mirror gives a bit of security during handling and hanging while a frameless one may be delicate to handle.

Tip #5 РFrame considerations. If you are thinking of buying a framed mirrors, consider the material of the frame. You can choose wood, leather, steel, copper, or plastic. A frame could have designs or carvings, and is available in myriad of colors. Also consider the details of the design. Some frames have mosaic tiles and some use seashells or other jewels as part of the design. There are also mirrors which have beveled mirror tiles as frames for an elegant and sophisticated look.

With the numerous bathroom mirrors available in the home decor store and mirror shops, it’s wise to have a picture of the mirror in your mind. If what you want is not available, you can have it custom-made to fit your requirements.

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