10 Great Ideas for Custom Sized Bathroom Mirrors

Mirrors are essential in a bathroom. Instead of just hanging whatever mirror is available in your house, you should also consider style and the decorative features of a mirror. Here are some beautiful ideas for bathroom mirrors for inspiration:

Simple mirrors. Place simple mirrors on a busy wall to provide contrast in the design. These mirrors look like two windows giving you a glimpse of the other Mobdro side of the room when in reality, they just reflect the bathroom door.

Double mirrors. You don’t need to install two sinks to be able to use two mirrors in the bathroom. In the design above, a couple of mirrors are placed above the sink and the dresser table.

Multiple mirrors. Multiple mirrors in different sizes create an illusion of space in this traditional bathroom style and reflect the light from the chandelier and scones. For a more finished look, use beveled mirrors.

Classic traditional style. A large beautifully framed mirror complements and brings elegance to this traditional bathroom. The color of the frame echoes the brown, cream, and copper colors in the space. If you have two sinks in the bathroom, you can consider hanging one mirror as long as the size is wide enough to reflect the people using the sinks.

Tall mirrors. Bring height to a narrow bathroom by placing tall mirrors on the vanity wall. The three wood frame mirrors greatly helps in giving the illusion of length and vertical space in this modern bathroom. Mobdro APK The frame color also complements the color scheme of the room.

Floating mirrors. The his-and-hers mirrors are customized and look like they are floating over the sinks. This is a bold concept in this contemporary bathroom.

Carved frames. Incorporate mirrors with elaborately carved frames. These mirrors bring an interesting focal point inside this eclectic bathroom.

Blinged mirrors. The two mosaic mirrors bring a touch of glamour and elegance to the traditional bathroom. A little bit of bling wouldn’t hurt this room that looks a bit serious. If you like things shiny and shimmering, hang a mosaic mirror.

Customized mirror frame. Enlarge the size of your mirror by having a custom made frame. Use the same material as what is used in the bathroom’s cabinetry. In the image above, the size of the frame is thick and wide enough to create balance with the vanity.

Backlit mirror. An unframed mirror is a great addition to this textured wall. The backlight is a cool idea that lets you see the beauty of the wall and generates a soft light for anyone standing in front of the vanity.

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Image source: www.houzz.com