Beautiful Ways to Add Mirrors in the Kitchen

Mirrors are usually placed in a house’s entryway, living room, bathroom, and closet. Another space where you can incorporate mirrors is the kitchen. Yes, the kitchen. A mirror that is well-placed can be a design element itself and functional Here are beautiful ideas how you can add mirrors in your kitchen:

Traditional. Instead of ordinary tiles, use mirrors as your kitchen backsplash. Put a frameless mirror along the countertop to create a simple and stylish backsplash.

Antique. A new mirror can be made to look antique to be used as accent piece in a kitchen. The perfect antique mirror is expensive and can be difficult to find but you can easily create an antique look with a few materials or ask your local mirror manufacturer about it.

Subway tile. Subway tile is popular nowadays. Instead of using white tiles, use mirror tiles for a more unique look. In the image above, the designer used beveled mirror tiles as backsplash to the stove. You can also put mirror tiles from the countertop up to the ceiling to create the illusion of more space and to also bounce off light within the kitchen.

Mirrored wall. A mirrored wall helps create a clean, sleek look in a kitchen. In the image above, the kitchen has stainless steel appliances, cabinets, and countertops. A mirrored wall complements this modern style kitchen.

Large, leaning mirror. An oversized framed mirror can be included in a kitchen’s design. Place a big mirror near the entryway to reflect the beautiful appliances in a contemporary kitchen. Take note that floor mirrors should be placed carefully and the weight of the frame should be able to keep the mirror upright.

Framed. For a small kitchen or pantry, use framed mirrors. To create symmetry, you can place the same frames to the mirrors. Paint the frames in the same color as the cabinets to create unity among the elements in the kitchen.

Diagonal. Use square mirrors placed diagonally to create a more interesting backsplash.

Mosaic tile. Glam up your kitchen using mosaic mirror tiles. It gives a disco ball-like effect and can beautifully reflect light in the kitchen.

Smoked. For a dramatic, stronger look in the kitchen, use smoked-glass mirrors. Smoked glass is manufactured with darkening materials to decrease brightness. If you want a modern, elegant, sleek look in a kitchen, try installing smoked-glass mirrors.

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