Tips on Choosing a Dresser Mirror

Aside from the bed, add a dressing table with a beautiful mirror in your bedroom. A dresser table not only adds to the style in your room, it also is functional. You can place your jewelry boxes, purses, photos, notepad, and other small items on your dresser. If you’re in a hurry and someone’s using the bathroom mirror, a dresser mirror is your next best friend to check yourself before leaving the house.

There are many styles and sizes of a dresser mirror. Here are tips to help you choose the best mirror for you:

Tip 1 – Mirror shape. Choose the shape of the mirror that will complement the design of the room. If most of your furnitures in the bedroom is of square or rectangular shape, then go for a mirror with the same shape. In the image above, the room uses straight lines in the room’s design from the coffee table to the two dressers. The dresser mirror echoes the style of the bedroom.

Tip 2 – Framed mirror for accent. A great accent in a bedroom is a framed dresser mirror. Frames come in different designs, styles, materials, and color. Select a frame that is in the same color family as what you used in the room. You can also choose a frame in a contrasting color to break the monotony of the walls. For a more elegant look, consider a gold framed or silver framed mirrors. In the image, the gold frame mirror creates a focal point inside the busy closet.

Tip 3 – Mirror should be smaller in width than the dresser table. Measure your dresser table first before going to the furniture shop for your dresser mirror. The dresser table must be wider ¬†and taller than the mirror to create balance between the two. The dresser mirror above balances the dresser; it’s not too big that it cannot fit on the dresser table and not too small that will topple with a slight movement.

Tip 4 – Personal taste in design.¬†Different people will like different designs in dresser mirrors. You can choose a dresser mirror with a simple design on the frame, or frame with an elaborately carved design, or even a frameless mirror. There’s no right or wrong in choosing the design in a dresser mirror. As long as you love it, you feel beautiful and comfortable looking at it, then there is nothing to worry about.

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