3 Best Spots for Bedroom Mirrors

Having a mirror in the bedroom may be a big no-no in feng shui but it shouldn’t stop you when decorating your room. A mirror brings elegance and a romantic atmosphere in a bedroom. It reflects light from lamps which create a cozy and relaxed ambience in the room. A well-placed mirror can help complete the look of a bedroom. If you really want a mirror in your bedroom, here are the 3 best locations for it.

Behind the night table. A designer trick that is generating a buzz right now is placing two mirrors on opposite sides of the bed, behind the night table. Use two mirrors of the same design and size to create symmetry. You can also have one mirror if you have a single night table. Try the layered furniture look wherein you put furnitures in front of another. Floor mirrors work best for this design. In front of the floor mirror, place a night stand with legs (so you can still see the bottom part of the mirror), and arrange a lamp, book, picture frame, or other small items on the night table. If you have a small cabinet, use a wall mirror.

Above the headboard. Having a mirror or several mirrors above the headboard can be used in a bedroom regardless of the room’s style. You can do this design whether you have a modern, contemporary, or traditional bedroom. Hang a mirror that is in the right size to complement the size of the headboard. Don’t put a small mirror if your headboard is large. ¬†Get a balanced look between the mirror and the headboard. If you have low ceilings, use tall mirrors to lengthen the space and make the room look spacious.

At a corner at the foot of the bed. Place a large, leaning mirror at a corner. A room corner is usually left out when it comes to decorating, and having a beautiful mirror in this spot can bring interest to it. This location of a mirror will not directly reflect the bed so if you don’t like to see yourself when you wake up or you don’t want to scare yourself with your reflection at night, a mirror in the corner is for you.

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Image source: www.houzz.com