4 Tips for Hanging a Mirror Safely


A mirror is a great home accessory because of its decorative and functional properties. It makes a small, narrow room look spacious, and it improves lighting by reflecting natural and artificial light sources. Having a mirror is a financial and decorative investment since you took time to research about the style, shape, size, and price. Bigger mirrors will definitely cost more than standard ones so, naturally, you would want to maximize the use of your big mirrors.

Whether redecorating a room, or decorating from scratch, you need to be careful when moving and hanging a mirror. Large mirrors are heavy, and since they are fragile items, you must ensure their safety to avoid damaging the mirror or other surfaces. Here are tips on how you can safely hang a mirror.

Tip #1 Have a helper. Ask a friend or family member to assist you in lifting, measuring, and hanging a big mirror. Hanging a mirror can be tricky because of its weight and having a helper with you is a smart idea. Your helper can be your spotter, ready to support as you hang the mirror.

Tip #2 Hang a mirror on a wall stud. A wall stud is the vertical member of the wall’s frame. Use an electronic stud finder to easily locate a stud. If you don’t have it, there are different ways on how to find a stud such as by knocking on the walls. A hollow sound means no wall stud but a high sound means there is a stud behind the wall. When hanging a heavy mirror, aim to hang it on a wall stud since it provides support to the mirror.

Tip #3 Check if your mirror has D-shaped strap hangers on the back. Most mirrors already have strap hangers attached on the frame. It is a heavy-duty hardware that is used for hanging heavy objects. If your mirror doesn’t have them, you can get strap hangers from hardware stores. Strap hangers are available in different sizes so choose one that can support the weight of your mirror. If you’re not sure which to buy, get the larger strap hanger. It’s better to get a larger size for more support than a small one which can’t adequately hold your mirror.

Tip #4 Use the right fittings for your wall type. The material used in the wall of your home may differ to those of your neighbors. So, when hanging a mirror, make sure you are using the suitable fittings to your wall. Know the type of wall where you want to place your mirror and get the appropriate hardware for it.