Large Mirrors in the Bathroom: 5 Inspirations

A mirror is an essential element in a bathroom. It is a decorative item that is also functional. Whatever design style you use in the bathroom, whether modern or traditional, a mirror can enhance this style. When choosing bathroom mirrors, make sure that you are getting a mirror with a size proportional to the room and think about the size of the wall where it will be placed. Keep in mind the style of the bathroom so the mirror can blend right in.

A large mirror can be incorporated in the design whether you have a small or big bathroom. When strategically-placed, a mirror creates the illusion of space and can help illuminate the room. Have a mirror on a spot where you can quickly check yourself and do your grooming rituals.

Here are inspirations of bathrooms with large mirrors:

A gold-gilded framed mirror covers most of the wall of this small toilet. The gold color of the frame matches the frames of the wall art and brings a pop of color to the dark walls. It is beautifully designed, with interesting curves and swirls on the frame. The mirror gives this space Hollywood glamor and elegance.







You can never go wrong with a white framed mirror. It gives a squeaky clean feel to the bathroom and the simple design complements the traditional style bathroom. The size of the mirror is large enough to balance the size of the two-sink vanity area.


Two big mirrors look as one in this bathroom. You may not notice it easily but the mirror above the sink is smaller than the mirror above the dresser. It’s a neat trick with mirrors that you can do if you have an uneven surface to decorate. You can ask your local mirror company to custom make this kind of mirror.

Two beveled mirrors complement the classic style of the bathroom. Instead of having a white framed mirror, an antiqued mirror serves as the glass’ frame which adds a unique depth and dimension to the mirror.

If you have a small bathroom, installing a large mirror will help make it look more expansive. In this design, the mirror reflects the beautiful wall paper and lovely light fixture which gives the illusion that the room is spacious. The wide mirror also helps brighten this tiny room.

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