Beautiful Ideas in Decorating Using Big Mirrors

Mirrors are a great way of sprucing up a space. Whether it’s a home, a salon, hotel, museum, or any other enclosed building, a big mirror can add to its aesthetic. Here are some great ideas as to where you can use large mirrors in beautifying a space:

Decorative windows. A high-end framed mirror, beveled mirror, or a wood-framed mirror can serve as a decorative window. A mirror reflects light, can emphasize bold colors or art in the opposite wall, and can be moved around your place. It’s like having another “window,” only it’s moveable.

Over the fireplace. A fireplace is usually the focal point of one’s living room. You can put a big, beautifully framed mirror above the mantel to emphasize your fireplace. A mirror will also enlarge the room and reflect candlelights and lamps in the room, creating a calm, Zen-like atmosphere.

Wall art. Create art with mirrors. You can get mirrors in different sizes or have similar sized mirrors and place them on a wall to create a conversation starter.

Horizontal panels. A great idea that you can use is instead of hanging a big mirror vertically, try placing it horizontally. It’s better if you have a couple more of the same mirror to style your wall.

Mirror pairs. Hang two framed mirrors on a wall for accent. This creates symmetry within the room.

Big impression. Large mirrors are commonly placed in dining rooms. An oversize mirror brings a different dimension to the room and creates a romantic and calm atmosphere, especially when candles are lighted on the dining table.

Tried-and-tested spot. A favorite spot in placing a decorative mirror is in the entryway. The entryway usually lacks natural light and putting a mirror there will maximize the little light that comes in the house. Another practical use for a big mirror in this spot you can do a final check of yourself before leaving the house and guests can also do the same as they enter your house.

Light in the dark. Complement a dark wall with a huge mirror. To enliven the sombre atmosphere created by dark colored walls, use a framed mirror to bring in light.

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