Things to Know when Buying Free Standing Mirrors

Things to Know when Buying Free Standing Mirrors

A free standing mirror is a form of traditional floor mirror. The good thing about it is that, as the name suggests, it is not mounted or installed on a wall, thus, you can move its location easily, wherever you need it. It is a great statement piece in your living room, and if you do not have a mirror in your bedroom, you can easily move the free standing mirror when you are preparing for a day’s work.

There are so many kinds of free standing mirrors available in the market nowadays, in various designs, styles, and sizes. To make the buying process a bit easier, here are some things to keep in mind:

Determine the length or size that you prefer.

There are two basic types of free standing mirrors: hand-held and full length or stand-alone.  Handheld mirrors are usually small enough that they are useful when you want to see a particular area. On the other hand, full-length mirrors, as the name implies, are large enough that they can give you a head-to-toe view.

7ft high lean mirror

7ft high lean mirror

Know the right shape.

Aside from the mirror length, it is important to check the shape – it can be rectangle, round or oval. Keep your existing room design in mind. This will help a lot in deciding what shape of the free standing mirror will work for the space. For instance, modern design usually calls for square or rectangle mirrors. Buy oval or round mirrors for that classic, elegant look.

Check the frame.

The material used to build the frame is a huge deciding factor. Wood is a popular frame choice, particularly for traditional, contemporary interior design. Again, think about your design and personality. Also, if you plan to move it around a lot, make sure that the frame material is both sturdy and lightweight.

Identify which design will work well.

Many free standing mirrors come with decorative frames and in different colors. Aside from the mirror design, it is worth looking into the room or space where you plan to put the mirror. Most free standing mirrors have their own stand so consider that when buying one. If the mirror has its own stand, it needs to be somewhere away from the wall, for instance. If you have a large space to fill, then a large free standing mirror might work. Otherwise, there are compact mirrors that you can buy.

Take a look at the other features of the mirror.

There are handheld free standing mirrors that are double-sided – with one side reflecting the actual image while the other side shows a magnified one. These can likewise have lights. These mirrors are ideal for make-up application or your personal grooming ritual. The lights will also be helpful when you are in a room without enough light.

Free standing mirrors are very useful not only as a decorative piece in a room, but also to make sure that you are presentable and ready to face another day without worrying about your appearance.