Decorating with Rectangular Mirrors


When you think of a mirror, you think about its primary purpose of reflection. Aside from being a practical item to have at home, a mirror can be used as a decorative element in a lifeless room or it can be strategically placed to help make a tiny room look larger and brighter. Mirrors are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. One of the more versatile and common shape of mirrors is rectangle. Rectangular mirrors can be hung vertically or on its side, depending on the look you’re looking for.

Placing a rectangular mirror horizontally lengthens a room. It will accentuate horizontal spaces and elements in the room. This position is usually done above the fireplace or living room sofa. In a blank wall, a rectangular mirror will maximize the length of the wall, lessening the need of hanging other decorative items on the wall. If you have a narrow dining room, a rectangular mirror will be perfect on one wall. To save money in decorating a bathroom, securely install one large mirror above a two-sink vanity instead of having two separate mirrors.

A vertically placed mirror gives the illusion of height. It is perfect at the end of a small hallway, a house with low ceilings, or a narrow vanity area. The height of the mirror allows it to reflect the areas around it, making a room look taller. If you have a corner in a room that is too small for a chair or a cabinet, consider hanging a mirror. It will instantly transform the look of that corner and you can also add other design elements around the mirror such as a small table with some interesting framed photos and books. A floor mirror is good to have in the entryway. It will welcome you and your guests as you enter your home. It brightens the area since its proximity to the front door allows it to reflect sunlight inside the house.

When handling, moving, and hanging mirrors, make sure you take precautions to protect both yourself and the mirrors. Mirrors are fragile home accessories and you should be careful when using them in decorating. One small bump or slip and one mirror could easily break into thousands of pieces so, secure yourself and the mirror at all times.

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