Designer Tips for Decorating with Mirrors

Every room can benefit from having one or more mirrors. Aside from its practical use, a mirror can be decorative, as well. Here are tips from interior designers on how you can maximize a room’s style with mirrors:

Tip #1 Mirror as a decorative window. Designer Andreea Avram Rusu says there are no rules when using mirrors in decorating. Mirrors are decorative windows that you can move around and hang to different areas. Pick a mirror with a beautiful frame so you can use it in any room.

Tip #2 Use mirror to reflect art. Designer Andreas Charalambous uses an oversize mirror to reflect artwork in another wall. This is a great tip since you don’t need to buy several paintings to decorate your walls. Place a mirror across the wall where you have paintings or printed art and it will give you the illusion of having artwork in both walls. Mirrors should reflect a nice view such as beautiful artwork or nature outside of the home.

Tip #3 Opposites attract. Have a large mirror in a small room since it creates the illusion of more space. Professional interior designer Vanessa Deleon recommends a big mirror to reflect a dining room’s chandelier, and installing scones beside a big mirror to make the look more modern.

Tip #4 Use a mirrored furniture as an interesting accessory. Refurbish an old cabinet by installing mirrors in its drawers. Have your local mirror company to customize mirror panels for this project. A mirrored furniture brings elegance and a chic look to a room.

Tip #5 Use a large mirror for a dramatic statement. A huge mirror has an impressive size that demands attention to any room. It is a great statement piece in the living room or hallway. Have a floor mirror with a beautiful and sturdy frame. Choose a frame with a color that gives contrast to the wall to give a room a pop of color.

Tip #6 Don’t be afraid of multiple mirrors. Designer Amy Bubier says, “If you use them (mirrors) together on a wall, you want them to be grouped.” Hang several mirrors together to create a wall art. Create a mirror gallery for big impact in a wall.

Tip #7 Consider the style of the room. Place a mirror which enhances the design of the room. The style and design of the mirror should complement the room and it should not look out of place. Use simple, metallic framed mirrors for a modern room, and use a mirror with ornate carvings to give a room a dramatic look.

Tip #8 Have a mirror to reflect light. A dining room is a perfect spot for hanging a mirror to reflect light. This room usually has a chandelier, and other light fixtures such as candlelights and lamps. Reflected light will create a romantic, and stress-free atmosphere.

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