How to Hang a Heavy Mirror on a Brick Wall

A brick wall is a strong and beautiful feature in a home. It has a charming texture and is visually appealing. However, decorating a brick wall can be difficult, especially if you’re hanging heavy objects such as paintings or a large mirror. The brick wall is a tough material and you have to take precaution when hanging delicate objects such as a mirror to avoid damage.



  • bathroom scale
  • metal anchor
  • old newspaper or any wide paper
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • hammer drill
  • masonry drill bit
  • hammer


1. Choose the right anchor. The anchor should support the weight of the mirror and the wall. Before you go to the hardware store, weigh your mirror on a bathroom scale so you’ll now the appropriate anchor to buy. Once you get the weight of the mirror, select an anchor that is rated for that weight plus ten pounds. The more weight the anchor supports, the better and safer for you.

2. Create a paper template. Trace the mirror on old newspaper or any wide paper and cut the template. Mark the template where the hanging hardware is located. The paper template will make it easier for you to maneuver as you look for the desired position to hang the mirror and will help you see the amount of space your mirror will take on the wall.


3. Mark where the hanging hardware meets the wall. Once you find the best spot for hanging the mirror, use a pencil to mark the wall where the hanging hardware is located. Try to put your marks on the mortar (the white or tan material used to bond the bricks) since it is softer than the brick. It is advised that you don’t drill directly to the brick since it will crack.

4. Drill the holes. Use a hammer drill and a masonry drill bit that matches the diameter and is longer than the anchor. To ensure that you are drilling at the right depth, put a painter’s tape on the drill bit which marks the length of the anchor. Drill a hole that is slightly deeper than the anchor.

5. Install the anchors. Use a hammer or a rubber mallet to gently tap the anchor until it is inserted to the hole. The anchor should be snug but if the hole is too small, remove the anchor and widen the hole slightly.

6. Hang the mirror. You have to ask for a helper in lifting and hanging a heavy mirror. Carefully hang the mirror on the anchors. The hanging apparatus on the mirror should be perfect for it. If not, you have to get the appropriate hardware and attach them to the mirror.

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