Accenting Bathrooms with Mirrors

Mirrors are important in bathrooms. When you’re using a bathroom that doesn’t have a mirror, it feels incomplete. Aside from being a practical item in the bathroom, a mirror can also be a decorative element and can help enhance the style of the room. If you’re bathroom looks dull, or lacks style, bringing in a decorative mirror can instantly transform the look and feel of the room.

A big mirror with a beautifully carved frame makes the small bathroom look spacious. The design is classy without being over the top, it even mimics the frilly design of the shower curtain. The color of the frame complements the color scheme used in the space. Imagine the bathroom without this mirror and it will look boring and lifeless. The mirror adds life and style to this tiny room. The great thing about this is that you can get this mirror custom made and on a color that you prefer; you can have it in red, yellow, or blue whatever color that will be perfect for your bathroom.






A mirror with beveled mirrors in its frame adds elegance and classiness to this traditional bathroom. The motif of the room may be monopolized by the color black but the mirror gives it a shiny touch. The doors of the drawers also have mirrors which help brighten up the area.

Maximize the space above the vanity area by hanging a large mirror. This mirror lengthens the room visually which is perfect for those narrow bathrooms. When choosing a bathroom mirror, make sure that the size of the mirror is proportional to the vanity so you’ll get a polished look in that area. Getting a small mirror for a spacious vanity will make the mirror look out of place in the whole design.


This mirror may not be wide enough to match the length of the vanity but it still maximizes the style of the bathroom. The carvings on the frame blends well with the other elements such as the light fixtures, hand towel rod, and faucet. The frame’s color is a great accent to the reddish/orangey walls.










Bring an unexpected burst of color by having a vibrantly-colored mirror. In this bathroom, the designer used a cool and calming color scheme which includes soft blue walls and pristine white vanity. The vivid red mirror brightens up the space and serves as a focal point in the room.









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