How to Remove Mirror Scratches

custom bathroom mirror

A scratch in a mirror destroys its beauty and can obstruct its functionality. Before you send your mirror for professional restoration, you can try to remedy this problem at home first. Here are steps on how you can remove scratches from a mirror at home.




  • soft cloth
  • white toothpaste
  • dry mustard
  • white vinegar
  • polishing disc
  • Dremel or other rotating tool


1. Remove the mirror from the wall or from where it is placed. Lay it on the soft cloth.

2. Spread a little amount of white toothpaste on the scratch and rub it in softly. Once the paste dries, use a soft cloth to buff the area and remove excess toothpaste. Check if the scratch is less noticeable.

3. Another way that you can use is mixing one part dry mustard with one part white vinegar. Spread this paste over the scratch and buff it with a soft cloth.

4. For small scratches, use a Dremel or other rotating tool with an attached polishing disc to buff and polish the scratch.

If the toothpaste or the mustard-vinegar paste didn’t work and the scratch is still too big or distracting to you, bring the mirror to a professional. Glass shops can re-silver and restore mirrors to achieve the best results.


Aside from toothpaste, mustard, and vinegar, there are other home remedies that you can try to remove mirror scratches. Cerium oxide is a polishing compound that jewelers and rock collectors use to smoothen gems and stones. Mix cerium oxide with a little water to make a paste and apply it to the mirror scratch. Buff the affected area to make it shiny again. For deeper scratches, you can use clear nail polish. Apply a thin coat of clear nail polish on the scratch. Wait until the polish dries. If you can still see the scratch, apply another coat of the nail polish. When dry, remove the excess nail polish with a polish remover.

A mirror is not only a useful item inside a house or office, it’s also a beautiful design and decorative element. It helps make a small space look more expansive and brings more light inside the house by reflecting natural and man-made lights. Take proper care in all your mirrors by cleaning them periodically and removing mirror scratches immediately to prevent further damage.

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