Mosaic Mirrors for Unique Looks in the Home

Mosaic is “the art of creating images with an assemblage of small pieces of colored glass, stone, or other materials.” It is a type of decorative art that is also used in mirrors. Mosaic mirrors bring a unique design element in a home and are available in different designs and styles. If you are thinking of having a mosaic mirror at home, here are some inspirations:

Two mosaic mirrors serve as a functional and decorative element in this vanity area. They are custom made with glass tiles. The different colors of the glass tiles match the color scheme of this space and the bold, rich border serves as a great contrast to the marbled walls.

Securely put a colorful mosaic mirror in a child’s room. It is a beautiful addition to the dresser. The vivid colors of deep blue, emerald green, and bright yellow of the mosaic tiles enhance the fun and kaleidoscopic feel in the room.

A large custom made mosaic mirror echoes the colors of the vanity. With mostly white tiles and some purple and yellow ones, the mosaic mirror ties up the design of this small area while giving a sense of contemporary style in the bathroom.

Hang a big mosaic tile in the dining room. Beveled mirrors serve as mirror tiles to this mirror, giving elegance and sophistication to the space. The mirror gives a clean and sleek feel to the room.

A large mosaic mirror on the dresser gives this space a quiet and relaxed ambience. The thin, rectangular tiles elongate the mirror and give a stylish finish to the mirror and the colors complements the color scheme of the room.

Place a beautiful mosaic mirror in the bedroom. The deep green color of the frame brings contrast to the pale pinks walls and white furnitures and complements the color of the plants. The mosaic mirror adds to the tropical vibe in the room.

The mosaic mirror is made of a beveled mirror with tile mosaic border and bright colored frame. This is a custom made mirror for this traditional bathroom. It is a fun and unique decorative piece that you can also do yourself or a professional mirror shop can do this for you.

Bring a pop of color with a red mosaic mirror. The powder room looks stylish with the mirror on the wall. The tiles give a bit of shimmer in this space and the scones give soft, flattering light to whoever is in front of the mosaic mirror.

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