Enhance the Entryway with Decorative Mirrors

The entryway is the first thing that you and your guests see when coming to your house. Decorate the entryway to give impact and a sense of your style. You can put decorative elements to match the season, provide a settee for a welcoming touch, etc. A good item that you can include in designing your entryway is a mirror. A mirror with a beautiful frame, placed is a nice spot can help you achieve a stylish entryway.

An oversized mirror with elaborate carving gives a lot of character in this entryway. The frame may be in simple white but the carving gives it texture and a feminine flair. You can have the frame in another color to complement the color scheme of your entryway.

Enhance a traditional entry with a wood-frame mirror. The wood used in the frame gives a rustic vibe to the area and complements the other elements in the design such as the wood tile floor and console table. The natural brown color of the frame also is a nice contrast to the wall.

A gold framed mirror is a beautiful item to hang on an eclectic style entry. The mirror bounces off natural light and the frame color enhances the bold, vibrant color of the lamp, jugs, and rug.

Place a large floor mirror in the entryway if space allows. Make sure that the mirror reflects a beautiful part of the entry, just like the image above. The large mirror reflects the round table with all its decorative items and makes the area look more expansive.

For a contemporary feel of the entry, hang a black framed mirror above the entry table. The smooth and sleek frame adds to the style of the area and the bold black matches the darkness of the ceiling and is a great contrast to the background.

Place several beveled mirrors that also serve as wall art. The mirrors reflect different parts of the entry; you and your guests will have fun distinguishing which part of your house is reflected in a mirror. The mirrors can even be a conversation starter among guests.

If space is an issue, a great idea is hanging mirrors in different frames and sizes. Add other design elements such as a shelf and rectangular clock to create an interesting mix. You can apply this idea if you’re living in a small apartment or dormitory.

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Image source: www.houzz.com