Revitalize a Mirror with an Antique Effect

Decorating a house is very personal. People have different tastes when it comes to enhancing the look of their homes. Some people may go for a modern look and some may be attracted to having a rustic or old look. Having a seasoned atmosphere in a home have its own charm and appeal to people. However, acquiring antique items is a very expensive endeavor. Antique furnitures, cabinetry and whatnots don’t come cheap. The length of its existence and manufacturer make an antique item very valuable.

If money is an issue but you want antique things in your home, you can make some items in your house to have an antique look. Try giving your mirror an antique effect. Antiqued mirrors are great home accents. Antiquing a mirror is inexpensive and will give you a feel of real antique. If you have an old mirror, a mirror from a yard sale, or any inexpensive mirror that you have at home, you can make it look antique.


  • mirror
  • paint stripper
  • plastic putty knife
  • muriatic acid
  • funnel
  • spray bottle
  • rags or old cotton shirt
  • water
  • antique gold spray paint or black spray paint
  • protective eyewear
  • mask
  • chemical-resistant gloves
  • old newspaper


1. Wear your safety gear. Put on the protective eyewear and gloves. Keep them on for this project.

2. Go outside in your yard or a place where there is well-ventilation. Cover your work area with a thick layer of newspaper.

3. If you have a framed mirror, remove the cardboard backing and then carefully slide the mirror out of the frame. Put the frame in a safe place.

4. Put the mirror facing down the newspaper. Apply the paint stripper at the back of the mirror. Let it sit until paint begins to bubble. This may take a few hours.

5. Using the plastic putty knife, carefully scrape off the loosened paint. Put enough pressure to remove the paint but not too much as to damage the mirror.

6. Wipe the surface with a damp rag followed by a dry one.

7. With extreme care, pour the muriatic acid to the spray bottle using a funnel. Keeping your protective gear on is important for this step.

8. Randomly spray the muriatic acid at the edges of the back side of the mirror. Let it sit for a minute and wipe the surface with a clean rag. You can rinse it with water to neutralize the reaction. Allow the surface to completely dry.

9. Apply antique gold spray at the back. Wait until dry.

10. Slide the mirror and cardboard backing into the frame. Secure the mirror in the frame.

If you want an antique effect on a large mirror, you can go to a local mirror company. They can do this project for your existing mirror or they can manufacture one according to your preferences.

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