Big Mirrors in Small Spaces

A designer tip that you can do if you want to make your home look larger is by incorporating big mirrors in your design. Instead of buying elaborate chandeliers, big couches, or other large design element, an oversize mirror can do trick. Mirror create an illusion of space and reflects light coming to a small space. It is also an affordable solution compared to breaking down a wall or renovating an area to create space.

Here are ways on how a large mirror is used to enlarge a small space:

Mirror in a bathroom. A mirror is essential in a bathroom. You use it to check yourself in the morning, to apply creams or moisturizer, to groom, etc. Most bathrooms are small and narrow and one way to make it look spacious i by hanging a mirror behind the sink. If the sink is near a window, much better since the mirror can bounce off light coming from outside. Bathroom mirrors are available in different designs, styles, shapes, and sizes. When choosing a bathroom mirror, consider the style of the bathroom so you can install a mirror that blends right in the design.

thick border framed mirror

Mirror as a statement. An oversize mirror is a great statement piece in a home. The size itself demands attention to an area and the design of the frame can show your personal style. You can have a frame custom made to fit your design taste. A local mirror shop can provide you custom sized mirrors. If  a room has low ceilings, put a tall mirror to heighten the space. Brighten a dark corner by putting a mirror.

group mirrors to serve as art

Mirror as art. Framed mirrors when grouped together in a wall can become art. You can have several mirrors in the same frames or have various styles of mirrors and hang them in one wall. Create a gallery of mirrors. This makes the mirrors work as decorative and functional items in your home.

Mirror as illuminator. Light makes a room look expansive. Aside from installing light fixtures in a room, you can put a big mirror to reflect natural and man-made light. Place a mirror near or across a window or a room where there is a lamp, chandelier, or candles. The mirror will bounce off the light and make the space feel larger.

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