Decorative Mirrors To Update The Look of Your Home

Mirrors are used for functional and decorative purposes in a home, office, or shop. When buying a mirror, ask yourself the purpose of that mirror. Are you buying a mirror to make a small room look expansive? Do you need extra illumination in a dark corner? Will the mirror be used for its practical purpose of reflecting of persons or merchandise? Are you buying a mirror as a design element? Knowing the purpose of a mirror can help you decide which mirror is best for you.

A decorative mirror combines beauty and function which you can use for the home or business. Just find the perfect spot for a decorative mirror and you’ll hit two birds with one stone. You don’t need to purchase a design element and a mirror; you can have both with a decorative mirror. A decorative mirror can have a simple design in its frame or can have an elaborate carvings, depending on the space’s theme and style. You can ask your local mirror company to provide you with your custom made decorative mirror.

Hang a lovely white framed mirror in the entry. The design of the frame echoes the white flowers on the console table. This big mirror gives the space a feminine and sophisticated flair.

A huge mirror with ornate carving is a beautiful element in this traditional vanity area. The design of the metallic frame give a romantic and dramatic feel in this small corner of the bathroom.

beveled mirror above the fireplace

A beveled mirror is always a decorative mirror. It brings another dimension and depth to a space and it looks elegant in any spot.  A beveled mirror is available in different sizes to fit any wall space.

Give new life to an old mirror by giving it a new decorative frame. The simple metal frame with a design which mimics the background brings beauty to this mirror. The decorative mirror complements the flowery design of the vanity.

A workout room shouldn’t be left out when it comes to decorating. Hanging a large mirror with a thick border frame blends right in in this home gym. The mirror evokes strength in this area, perfect for those wanting to stay fit and healthy.

A simple black framed mirror can be made decorative with the design of the frame. The frame of the twin mirrors don’t have elaborate carvings but the way it was cut and designed makes the mirrors decorative. The mirrors bring attention to the artwork above the fireplace.

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