How to Safely Remove a Bathroom Mirror

bath mirror

Mirrors are fragile and removing them from walls should be done properly to preserve them. Whether you’re redecorating or renovating the bathroom, or relocating your home, make sure that you take precaution when removing bathroom mirrors since they are usually large and heavy. You can avoid injury to yourself and the mirror if you know the most efficient and safest way to remove it.

Here are the steps to safely remove a bathroom mirror:


  • duct tape
  • screw driver
  • blow dryer
  • long putty knife
  • windshield removal wire or guitar string
  • towels
  • protective gear

Step 1. Protect yourself. Before undertaking this, project, wear protective gear for safety purposes. Wear long sleeves, pants, and closed-toe shoes. Also use protective gloves and goggles. Ask someone to be your helper, especially if you’re removing a large mirror.Do not remove a bathroom mirror, or any mirror for that matter, by yourself.

Step 2. Protect the sink area. Place a towel, cardboard, plastic on any area below the mirror. As with any renovation or DIY projects, protecting the work area is important.

Step 3. Cover the mirror with duct tape. The duct tape will prevent total damage if the mirror accidentally drops or breaks. It will hinder physical damage to you, the mirror itself, and other materials in the bathroom.

Step 4. Remove the mirror. If the mirror is attached with brackets, unscrew the holders from the top. Have your helper ready to support the mirror to avoid slips while removing it.

If the bathroom mirror is glued to the wall, use a blow dryer to heat the top corner of the mirror. The heat will soften the glue behind the glass. Use a long putty knife to create a small area between the mirror and the wall. Insert a windshield removal wire in the crevice and gently make a sawing motion in a diagonal direction until you remove most of the adhesive. Repeat using the blow dryer to soften the glue. When working with the steel wire, be careful not to overheat it with the sawing motion. Rest for a few minutes before continuing the process.

Step 5. Gently lower the mirror from the wall. Wrap the mirror in towels to prevent it from breaking.

Mirrors are valuable home accessories for the home and it can be quite expensive. Proper knowledge in removing and packing mirrors is important to keep yourself and the mirrors safe. If the mirror is too large, ask a professional to remove the mirror for you.