Unique Ideas in Decorating with Mirrors

Mirrors are great home accessories. They are beautiful items which enhance a room’s style and show the home owner’s personality. A well-placed mirror can easily reflect light from natural and artificial sources, and can make a room look larger. No wonder it is an interior designer’s best friend when it comes to decorating a space.

Here are unique ideas on how you can use mirrors in decorating your home:

A beautiful wood framed mirror looks perfect in this cozy patio.

A beautiful wood framed mirror looks perfect in this cozy patio.

Outside the home. Hang a lovely wall mirror in an outdoor area such as the porch, sun deck, or patio. It is an unusual spot and you can create a comfortable nook around the mirror.

As a table centerpiece. Instead of hanging a mirror on the wall, place a tall mirror on the dining table. A frameless mirror would do but if you have a mirror with beveled edges, or with a simple frame, it is better to use. Arrange vases in varying heights, and candle holders on the mirror.

Create a mirror gallery. Hang several mirrors in different designs and sizes together. The more unique the frames, the better. Place these mirrors in an area needing attention such as the hallway. These mirrors can also be a focal point in a room so make the arrangement interesting.

Inside the fireplace. Spruce up an unused fireplace by placing a mirror in it. During the summer, the fireplace is left unused but you can make it work for you with a mirror. Set pillar candles in front of the mirror to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. The mirror will beautifully reflect the soft glow from the candles.

Use an empty frame for style. Place an empty frame in front of the mirror. The empty frame should  be smaller than the size of the mirror. This will create a layer that adds depth and dimension to the mirror.

As bathroom vanity. A mirrored furniture is a great design element in a room, why not use it in the bathroom vanity? It adds glamour and elegance to the bathroom. You can have the mirrors antiqued for a more chic look. A local mirror company can make it for you.

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Image source: www.houzz.com