Elegant Mirror Ideas for the Bedroom

The bedroom should be a place of tranquility, and relaxation. We spend 1/3 of our daily lives sleeping in the bedroom so we have to make it conducive for resting. Aside from bringing in the usual bed and lamp inside the room, try to add a beautiful mirror. If you’re thinking about decorating your bedroom, here are some ideas on how you can incorporate mirrors in your design:

A simple framed mirror enhances the Zen-inspired bedroom. The large mirror occupies the wall and this position allows it to reflect sunlight and artificial light. The shape of the mirror echoes the simple, straight lines used in the other elements in the bedroom such as the headboard and artworks. You can go to your local mirror shop to provide you with a similar mirror.

The gold framed mirror adds a unique dimension to this bedroom. The design of the frame is simple but placing the mirror before a larger black frame with ornate carvings gives an interesting look to it. The black is bright and vivid making the mirror look bigger than its actual size.

beveled mirror

A beveled framed mirror brings elegance and charm to the bedroom. It is hung at a wall near the end of the bed, so if you’re conscious about using mirror in the bedroom, you can consider this location. This kind of mirror is heavy so you have to secure it when hanging on the wall, or you can just opt to sit on the floor and lean it against the wall.

A grand bedroom needs a grand mirror. The mirror complements the style of the room with its beautiful and elegant frame. The frame is a lovely gold color which mimics the yellow, cream, and soft brown tones used in the room. The design of the bedroom is cozy, warm, and comfortable which is perfect for relaxation and rest.

A custom made beveled mirror completes the look of the night side table. It reflects the soft light from the lamp, creating a relaxing atmosphere in the room. The silver frame blends perfectly in the room’s style and the height of the mirror visually lengthens the room. MirrorLot manufactures big mirrors for the bedrooms. There are many frames available to choose from to help you get the perfect mirror for the room you are styling. Visit our website at www.mirrorlot.com and check out MirrorLot’s wide array of custom made mirrors.Image source: www.houzz.com