Smart Tips for Buying a Bathroom Mirror


Whether you’re decorating your bathroom or wanting to upgrade the look of your vanity area, getting a mirror should be on top of your list. Aside from its reflective functionality, a mirror is a cost-effective accessory that can make your bathroom look larger. It can beautifully reflect light from natural and artificial sources. Bathroom mirrors are available in a wide variety of shapes and styles, and before buying one, know these tips first so you will get the perfect bathroom mirror.

Tip #1 Get the measurements of the space where you will have the mirror. Use a tape measure to get the height and the width of the wall space where you’ll be placing the mirror. Measure twice so you’re sure you get the accurate dimensions. The top of the mirror should be at least 4-6 inches below the ceiling, and leave 1-2 inches wall space on each side of the mirror. As a general rule, the width of the mirror shouldn’t exceed the width of the pedestal sink or vanity area.

Tip #2 Know your budget. Set a budget for the mirror and stick to it. Mirrors go from $50 to over $1,000 so determine the maximum price you will pay for the mirror.

Tip #3 Determine the function of the mirror. Will the mirror serve as a focal point in the bathroom? Will it be used to create the illusion of space? Do you need a mirror which you can use to check your whole outfit? Know the purpose of this bathroom mirror so you can get the appropriate mirror.

Tip #4 Choose the style. Think about the style of your bathroom and get a mirror that will complement it. The mirror should be able to blend in to the design of the room. There are several types of bathroom mirrors which can help you choose. A decorative mirror will go well in a traditional style bathroom while a frameless or metal framed mirror is best for modern bathrooms.

Tip #5 Shop around. Check out online mirror retailers, home decor stores, showrooms, magazines, and malls to see the current styles of mirrors and to get inspiration. Read product reviews to know how other customers feel about a particular mirror. Before buying, check the return policies and warranties. If it turns out that the mirror doesn’t complement the style of the bathroom, or it accidentally breaks upon installation, you can easily return it or ask for another mirror.

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