Decorating a Salon with Mirrors

People want to look good. That’s why more and more beauty parlors, spas, facial centers, etc. are opened to cater to people’s desire to be beautiful. The first impression your customers get from your salon is important so when you’re decorating your salon, consider how your choices in design will impact people. A salon’s interior speaks volumes on what kind of service, comfort, and satisfaction a customer can expect.

Mirrors are widely used in salons for its decorative purpose and practicality. Whether you’re decorating a hairstyling salon, a day spa, tanning salon, or a makeup salon, mirrors can help you complete the look of the salon.

A floor-to-ceiling mirror makes a salon look open and spacious. Install mirrors on the walls of the salon to give the illusion of space. This is especially useful if you have a small space for your business. Since you’re in the beauty industry, you would want your customers to easily see themselves as they are having their hair or makeup done.


Make a bold statement by using oversized mirrors. A huge mirror can be a focal point in your salon. Have the mirror in a beautiful and interesting frame to make it stand out even more. You can place it on the reception area, or hallway going to the treatment rooms. Make sure that the mirror complements the design and style of the salon.

For a posh look, use lighted mirrors. These mirrors instantly transform the feel of a salon. The built-in lights give a Hollywood feel, making your customers feel like celebrities. The lights are kinder to the eyes and are not too glaring since they are installed along the mirror’s frame. Lighted mirrors are a good choice of hairstyling and makeup salons but choose the appropriate lighting. Bright lights in a mirror are perfect for a hair salon since they will show the hair’s true color while light bulbs that mimic natural lighting are best for makeup salons.

Get modern style mirrors for a current feel in the salon. Unless the theme of your salon is vintage chic, or retro, choose a mirror that has a frame in the latest style. To make a cost-effective choice in mirrors, select those which have a timeless design such as mirrors in black, white, or gold-gilded frames. You can still use these mirrors when you’re redecorating or moving to a new business.

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