Tips for Decorating with Wall Mirrors

Tips for Decorating with Wall Mirrors

double beveled mirror

double beveled mirror

The use of mirrors is one of the easiest ways to make interior design work. Mirrors play an important role and are so versatile that they can work well whatever style or design you might have. These are also used in any type of room or space that needs some design upgrade.

One of the most commonly used types is a wall mirror. It adds a lot of character to modern interior design. It helps you to achieve balance in the room dimensions and all other design elements, not to mention that it creates such a wonderful job in making the room look brighter, bigger, and more spacious.

Here are some tips for decorating with wall mirrors:


In general, a wall mirror works well in any part of the house, whether it is the corridor, dining room, living room or bedroom.


The shape of the wall mirror should be in line with the theme of the room, home decor, as well as the dimensions of the space. Standard shapes include rectangular with a curved top, circular, octagonal, oval, square, and rectangular.

Frame materials

When it comes to frame materials, the possibilities are endless. You can choose a wall mirror with a frame made of wood or copper. There are also beveled wall mirrors which refer to mirrors that have a framed look since the edges are cut to a specific angle and size. You can likewise use the traditional concave or convex mirror.


Wall mirrors with modern designs are ideal for decorating a fireplace mantel. Place a mirror above the fireplace and it will easily turn the room into a spacious, elegant one.

Multiple mirrors

If you do not like working with large mirrors, buy small, multiple ones that you can arrange to create a beautiful wall design. A typical example would be to surround a regular-sized wall mirror with smaller ones to have that contemporary or modern look.

regular silver framed mirror

regular silver framed mirror

Small spaces

A small or narrow room can get a lot of benefits from a wall mirror. It will automatically change the overall look and feel of the room, making it look bigger and more airy.

Focal point

Consider where you are going to hang the wall mirror. Make sure that it will reflect something nice such as an artwork or interesting home decor. Avoid placing it in a way that it will reflect the problem areas of the room. For instance, do not place a wall mirror in a way that it will reflect the bed. Instead, go for the outdoor view or any other decorative item.


Wall mirrors can be installed in two ways – with the use of adhesives and bracket installation. If you use adhesives, it is a permanent and attractive way to install a wall mirror. Since it is a permanent fix, removing the mirror may be difficult and can damage the wall. On the other hand, the use of brackets involves making holes into the wall, a less attractive way but the good thing is, moving the wall mirror during a re-design is much easier.