Ways to Arrange Mirrors in Your Bedroom

The position and location of  a mirror in a bedroom can either make or break the room’s style. Place your mirrors in the best spot of the room to help you achieve your goal in using mirrors in decorating. Do you need an illusion of space? Do you need more light in a space? Do you want a mirror where you can quickly check yourself before leaving the bedroom? Knowing the answers to these questions can help you find the best location for your mirror.

Ideally, a bedroom should have two mirrors — a dresser mirror and a full length mirror. You can have more if you like, but the key is finding the perfect place for the mirrors. Here are ways on how you can arrange mirrors in the bedroom:

1. Place a full length mirror behind a door. If space is an issue in your bedroom, have your body-length mirror behind the bedroom or closet door to save precious space. You can check your outfit before heading to the door and the mirror is easily hidden in this location. A mirror in a simple frame can suffice for this and you don’t need to buy an expensive one. Since this location usually lacks enough light, install a small light fixture near the mirror so the mirror can serve its purpose of reflection.

2. Put your dresser mirror near a window. Place your dresser near a window where there is natural light for convenience. It’s easier to do your morning ritual, put on your makeup, fix your hair, pluck your eyebrows, etc. under natural light. This location also saves you energy since you don’t need to turn on the light for grooming.

3. Have two big mirrors behind the bedside tables. This is a trend in modern homes. This will immediately give a small and cramped room a visual lift. The mirrors will create an illusion of space and will bounce off light entering the room.

4. Install a floor length mirror in a walk-in closet. Not all homes have the luxury of a walk-in closet but if you’re one of the lucky ones, having a large mirror in your walk-in closet is a must. Surround the mirror with light so you can see yourself and your everyday outfits clearly.

A mirror is great to have in a bedroom. Just remember that location is key. Normally, you would want to avoid putting a mirror which you can see once you wake up. You wouldn’t want to scare yourself in the middle of the night with your own reflection. Put a mirror where it will serve its decorative and functional purposes.

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Image source: www.houzz.com