Beveled Mirrors Bring Elegance to Any Room

A beveled mirror is a type of mirror wherein the edges are cut at a certain angle and size to achieve a different look from ordinary mirrors. Beveling a mirror gives a classic and sophisticated appeal and you can easily add this mirror to any part of your home. Here are some ideas on how beveled mirrors bring a distinct charm in a space.

The large beveled frame mirror is custom made. Over the vanity area, it reflects the greenery outside and makes the room look more expansive. The frame brings depth and dimension to the mirror and it grabs your attention to it.

small beveled mirror

If you have a tiny bathroom, get a small beveled mirror. The design of this mirror is the same as the previous image but at a smaller scale to fit the space. See how the angles of the frame reflect different areas in the room, giving a unique design on the frame.

A beveled mirror is perfect for a room with an irregular shaped corner. In this space, the vanity ends at an awkward angle. The mirror fits right in this small space and the two mirrors look like one big wall mirror.

oversized beveled mirror

An oversized beveled mirror reflects light from the window and the bedside lamp in this bedroom. The simple frame complements the elements inside the room and the mirror shows the lovely table and lamp.

beveled mirror as wall art

Grouping together mirrors is a designer trick that you can also do at home. Get several beveled mirrors in the same size and position them on a wall to create a mirror gallery. The mirrors will serve as a wall art or a conversation piece when placed in the living room. Give enough and equal space between the mirrors to give uniformity among them.

The angle at which the mirror is beveled gives this mirror a sort of convex appearance. Your local mirror company can customize this mirror for you.

Deco-inspired mirror

Hang this mirror with a Deco-inspired beveled detailing at the bathroom, bedroom, or entry. The simple lines bring a classy statement to any space. The design of the mirror echoes the clean and sleek lines used in this space from the subway tiles on the floor to the light fixtures.

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