10 Stylish Ideas in Decorating Bedrooms with Big Mirrors

The bedroom is the most important area in anyone’s house. It is where you spend as much as 1/3 of your day, or even more on weekends. This is where you start and finish your day. Since the bedroom is an essential part of the house, you should decorate the room to make it comfortable, functional, and stylish. Aside from the bed, you can decorate your bedroom with mirrors. Here are some ideas on how you can stylishly add mirrors in the bedroom.

Dramatic duo. Place two floor length mirrors opposite the bed to create drama. Have your local mirror or frame shop paint the frames in a color that will complement the color scheme of the bedroom. Place hanging lamps to make the mirrors less imposing and to add to the romantic feel of the space. You can ask your local mirror manufacturer to custom made these mirrors.

Mirrored walls. Mirrors, when well-placed, bring a fashionable statement in any room. Install mirror panels on the wall where the bed’s headboard is placed, not on the wall which reflects the bed itself; most people wouldn’t want to see themselves as soon as they get out of bed.

Go tall. Put floor-to-ceiling mirrors near the headboard to lengthen the space of the bedroom. The two tall mirrors elongate the room visually, and the color of the frame is a beautiful contrast to the deep blue paint of the wall.

Frame it. If a whole mirrored wall is too much, try having the oversize mirror framed to small parts. The detailed mirror becomes an accent and focal point in the bedroom. It energizes the room, makes the room look spacious, and reflects the natural light from the windows.

Standing tall. A great addition to a room is a large mirror leaning on a wall. Place the mirror near the end of the bed. The image above is a simple room of a teenager. Choose a frame that echoes the style of the room. Frames are available from simple, beveled design to more elaborate carved ones.

Geometric frames. For a more interesting wall detail, use mirrors with geometric-style frames. The bedroom uses mirrors on the wall but the mirrors don’t occupy the whole wall. Mirrors are strategically placed to create impact in the room.

Large and Bold. Use a large mirror with elaborate carvings in its frame. It will serve as a decoration and an accent on the wall. Paint the frame in the color that will pop in the wall. In the image, the black paint perfectly contrasts the beige background.

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Image source: www.houzz.com