Decorate Dining Rooms with Large Mirrors

In feng shui, a mirror in the dining room attracts wealth energy. The dining area reflects the family’s wealth and placing a mirror in this space magnifies this energy. The best position of a large mirror is on a wall reflecting the people and food at the table. Here are great ideas on how you can use big mirrors in the dining room:

Antique mirrors. Place multiple mirrors on the wall to create one big mirror. For texture, have the mirrors antiqued at your local mirror shop. This mirror gives a vintage look in the dining area, matching the lovely chandelier. If you love drama and mystery, go for this mirror.

Multiples. This dining room has a curved wall. Instead of placing a regular rectangular mirror on the wall, several tall mirrors are placed in equal distance to reflect the dining table. Mobdro The simple white frames of the mirrors complement the traditional style of the area. The mirrors beautifully reflect the chandelier and expand the space.

Another take on having multiple mirrors in the room is the design above. The designer hung three big mirrors along the wall. In decorating, remember odd numbers. Group the same design element in threes, fives, sevens, and so on. The mirrors are enough to reflect the length of the table. Lovely scones are placed between mirrors to create a romantic and elegant ambience in this contemporary dining room.

Big and bold. A small dining area will benefit from a big mirror. In the design above, several mirrors are customized inside a large black frame to serve as an accent and functional element in the small space. Mobdro APK The mirror is big enough to complement the space but not too big as to overwhelm the room.

Instead of hanging a large mirror, you can choose to lean the mirror on a wall. This beautiful beveled mirror reflects the whole dining table, including the television placed on the ceiling.

Stamp a statement. Use an oversize mirror as a statement. The thick frame is painted red to create a statement in this contemporary dining area. The frame brings a stunning contrast in the stark white room.

Beveled mirrors. Custom sized beveled mirrors in different sizes create an amazing mirror art. The mirror acts more as a decorative element in this modern dining room. The lines created by each individual mirror echoes the geometric lines of the chairs.

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