The Beauty of Rectangular Mirrors


Mirrors are available in different shapes — square, round, curved, irregular — but one of the most popular shapes is rectangular. Many people prefer rectangular mirrors for its solid shape and sturdy look. Rectangular mirrors are great to have in bathrooms and living rooms, aside from its practicality, mirrors make the rooms look more spacious. Small, narrow rooms benefit from large rectangular mirrors since they create the illusion of space. Mirrors have reflective properties which means they can bounce off light from any source, whether from natural or artificial light sources, perfect for those dimly-lit or windowless rooms.

A rectangular mirror can be used as a piece of art. It has four corners which mimics the shape of paintings, posters, and picture frames. Whatever is reflected within that four corners can serve as a beautiful art. Place a rectangular mirror to reflect a nice view such as a lovely landscape in the garden, exposed gorgeous beams in the ceiling, or a unique furniture in the house. The mirror will add an interesting dimension to a room.

Years ago, mirrors are made for royalty to show their high rank in society and opulence, and these mirrors are rectangular. Notice that antique mirrors are usually rectangular in shape. They are created for the purpose of reflecting the beauty of kings and queens. These mirrors have been hand crafted and made of costly materials.

Rectangle is a practical shape when it comes to styling your home since it is the same shape as your walls. If you want to cover a whole wall with a mirror, a rectangular mirror will do the trick. It will cover a great area and will not leave any wall space exposed. If your wall has a flaw such as a faded paint or nail hole, place a rectangular mirror in front of the problematic area and the flaw will instantly disappear from sight.

Each home owner has his or her own personal taste and style when it comes to decorating and a good way of showing one’s personality is with mirrors. These versatile home accessories are available in different frames in a variety of designs. You can check out your local mirror shop or online to see which frame is perfect for your rectangular mirror. Online stores of mirror companies such as MirrorLot offer a wide range of frames which you can choose from. There are contemporary designs, classic styles, and modern frames. Online mirror stores make it easier for you to search for the right mirror for your needs. Mirror companies can custom size mirrors to perfectly fit the space in your home and they custom make it according to your preferences.

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