How to Choose the Right Floor Mirror


A floor mirror is a great accessory to have at home. It is a functional item that can be a decorative element, too. Whatever style you have in your home, a floor mirror can be incorporated to a room seamlessly. It can make a room look complete and the right mirror can tie up the other elements in a space. Aside from being decorative, a floor mirror can be used to make a tiny room look larger. The reflective property of the mirror will double any area. Interior designers love bringing in large mirrors, such as a floor mirror, to instantly transform the look and feel of a room.

Floor mirrors are available in a variety of styles and designs. There are mirrors which come with frames and those which are frameless. Floor mirror with frames can be installed in the wall and there are mirrors that are mounted on swivels on a frame — these are called cheval mirrors. A cheval mirror can be tilted to any direction preferred by the viewer. This type of floor mirror is perfect for walk-in closets.

When choosing a floor mirror, think about its size. The size should be similar to the scale of the sizes of other items in the room. If you have simple and dainty furnitures, choose a floor mirror with a light frame. If you have a large room, a huge floor mirror can be a good statement piece. The massive size demands attention and you and your guests can’t help but notice this focal point in the room. A big floor mirror should have a sturdy, solid frame to support the weight of the glass so it won’t look flimsy and too fragile.

The framing materials should mimic the materials of the other furnitures in the room. Wooden frames are common but there are also golden and silver frames. Get the floor mirror which matches your personal taste and budget.

Aim for balance when decorating a room with mirrors. A chunky framed floor mirror shouldn’t be overcrowded. Let it stand on its own without placing anything in front such as a table or embellishing its frame with wreaths or decorative garlands. A big floor mirror can be left on its own as long as it is securely installed¬†on the wall.

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