Big Mirrors in Different House Styles

Mirrors are a great way of decorating and beautifying a living space. From living rooms to bathrooms, a stylish mirror can complete a look of a space. It brings a more polished look in the house, creates a visual expansion of a small space, and helps reflect natural light or light from lamps and candles. Regardless of the style of your house, you can incorporate large mirrors to help you achieve the look and feel that you’re going for.

For a contemporary living room, two large floor mirrors are placed on opposite sides of the fireplace. The thick, dark frames of the mirrors follow the color scheme used in this space. To bring symmetry to the room, both mirrors are placed behind two console tables and reflect the beautiful chandeliers. The light gray color of the walls is a classic shade and the dark colors used in the mirror frames, chairs and piano are used as accents to this room.

For a traditional style, an oversized mirror with thick wooden frame is a great accent to a blank wall. If you have not much paintings or photos to hang on a wide wall, placing a large mirror is enough to cover the area and bring style to your home. The location of the mirror also helps in bouncing off the natural sunlight coming from the windows.

A white framed mirror gives this modern living area a posh look. This room uses cool tones of light blues and whites with metallic accents. Instead of using a dark color on the frame to accent the room, a white frame makes the room look cool, calm, and clean.

For an Asian style house, a black framed mirror serves as a great accent and breaks the monotony of the red brick wall. The thick black wooden frame gives the room a strong, masculine touch.

The beautiful frame of the mirror complements this Mediterranean style living room. A Mediterranean style offers a relaxing atmosphere with its airy and expansive space. The big mirror gives focus on the room and the material and color used in the frame add contrast to the rich elements used in the room.

For a tropical style, a frameless wall mirror expands the small living room. The big mirror reflects the beautiful beach outside and the color of the sea water enhances the color scheme used in the room.

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