Big Mirrors Bring Style and Character to Hotels

A large mirror is a great decoration and a functional item in any home. Aside from homes, hotels have utlitized the beauty and usefulness of big mirrors to give an expansive look within the area and also give style and elegance. Usually, hotels have big mirrors at the reception area and in bathrooms but, there are hotels which use oversized mirrors to give character and a unique factor in their establishment.

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The Mirror Barcelona. The Mirror Barcelona in Spain is famous for its trademark mirrors. As the name says, most of the walls in the hotel are mirrored. The floor-to-ceiling mirrors, mirrored furnitures, and mirrored Mobdro walls may be disorienting at first but the novelty of these mirrors and the hotel’s comfy design attract guests from all over the world.

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Treehotel. Treehotel is an amazing concept hotel in Sweden offering the Mirrorcube tree house. The Mirrorcube has mirrors in its outside walls which make a great camouflage since the mirrors reflect the surroundings.

Some hotels may not be as bold as The Mirror in terms of using huge mirrors in almost all surfaces but they still incorporate big mirrors in their rooms to make a statement.

the mirror room

The Propeller Island Hotel. The Propeller Island Hotel located in Berlin, Germany is famous for its one-of-a-kind rooms which display all sorts of works of arts. Its Mirror Room is a diamond-shaped room with mirrors all over the walls. The different angles where the mirrors are placed give you a felling of living inside a kaleidoscope.


Zero1 Pop

Zero1 Hotel. Located in Montreal, Canada, the Zero1 Hotel used to be a dormitory so the rooms are small. To make the rooms look spacious, Mobdro APK big mirrors are placed inside the rooms. The mirrors not only give the illusion of space, they reflect the natural light coming through the windows.

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The Muse Hotel. The Muse Hotel is a four-star boutique hotel in New York City. It is one of the most romantic hotels visited by couples due to its stylish guestrooms, comfort, and creative design. True to its name, The Muse may be considered as a hotel with feminine flair, with its art themed decorations inspired by Greek mythology, soft color schemes, and of course, lighted make-up mirrors. The hotel’s NIOS Restaurant also incorporated framed mirrors as floor-to-ceiling wall decorations.

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Image source: All images used are credited to the hotels’ websites.