How to Choose the Perfect Vanity Mirror

A vanity mirror is an important item in a bathroom. Women spend lots of time in a bathroom vanity while doing their make-up, fixing their hair, applying moisturizer, and other morning/evening rituals. Men also spend a considerable time in front of the mirror while shaving, checking themselves before leaving the house, etc. Each bathroom has a different style and theme, so the vanity mirror that you loved in your friend’s house may not be appropriate in yours.

Here are factors to consider when choosing the perfect vanity mirror:

1. Size of the vanity. Check out the size of the bathroom vanity. Get a mirror that is similar in size as the vanity. For a small vanity, choose a mirror that is equal or smaller in size compared to the vanity. A rectangular shaped mirror is suggested to make the space look taller and elongated. For a large vanity, get a mirror that is big enough to occupy the whole area.

2. Consider the bathroom style. Get a vanity mirror that matches the style of the bathroom. You wouldn’t want to have a mirror that looks misplaced in the room. A mirror with a simple, solid frame is great for a simple bathroom. Place a decorative mirror for modern, rustic, or Mediterranean styles of bathroom. Also, think about who will use the bathroom. The style of a vanity mirror used by adults will differ from that of a child.

3. Size of the mirror. Go to your vanity area and see the wall where the mirror will be hung. It should be at eye level and the mirror should reflect most of the person standing before it. Since you’ll be using it most of the times, don’t hang the mirror too low to avoid stooping or too high to avoid tip-toeing. The average person’s line of sight is about 5 feet, so place the center of the mirror 5 feet off the floor.

Pedestal sink

A pedestal sink doubles as a vanity in small-spaced bathrooms since it occupies minimal space. The space may be small but you shouldn’t neglect stamping it with you style. Here are some ideas how you can decorate a pedestal sink with the perfect mirror.

Hang a statement mirror. A narrow area can benefit from a mirror that brings a lot of character. The elaborate carvings on the mirror’s frame is a great accent piece in this area.

For two pedestal sinks, hang two of the same mirror to create symmetry.

Hang a tall mirror to lengthen and create more space.

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