Improve Your Home Office with Large Mirrors

Many people are now working from home. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1 in 4 of US employees do their work from home. If you’re one of those teleworkers, you have an area in your home which is your designated home office. This space shouldn’t be neglected in terms of decorating and making it conducive to working. You may think that a mirror is the least item you need in a home office but here are ideas that will make you think otherwise:

A large beveled framed mirror is great on a wall near a window. It reflects light from outside, giving you energy savings. The mirror blends with the other items in the home office.

A metal framed mirror with ornate carvings is a beautiful focal point in this area. The frame echoes the design of the chandelier and flower stencils on the floor. The big mirror gives this home office a feminine flair, as well.

Place a leaning mirror beside the office desk. The frame of the mirror is made of strong, sturdy wood and is a great accent piece to the home office. The color of the frame matches the dark brown floor and also created a contrast in the white walls.

If space is small in your home office, you can hang a rectangular mirror above the desk. It creates the illusion of space and helps bounce off light from the nearby lamp. The color of the frame is the same white paint used of the area.

A narrow home office can benefit from a rectangular wall mirror. The mirror helps elongate the space and reflects natural light. The color of the thick frame complements the color scheme of the home office.

You can also hang a mirror beside the desk at an angle to create an interesting view. The mirror reflects a collection of wall art that complements the framed items on the wall. The gold frame gives this space a bit of sparkle and shimmer.

If space is not a problem, an oversized mirror can be used as a decorative and functional element. It definitely makes the room look more expansive and gives a sophisticated, office-like feel to the area.

A custom made mirror with black frame is the perfect size for this home office.

Truly, you can personalize your home office with mirrors. You can have a mirror from the home decor shop or you can have a custom made mirror to suit the style of your home office.

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