Beautiful Ideas in Decorating a Living Room with Floor Mirrors

The living room is the first room that guests see upon entering your home. This is where you could easily show your personality without saying any words. Decorate your living area according to your taste and put elements that contribute in achieving the style that you want to convey. A design element that is useful in a living room is a floor mirror. A floor mirror is versatile as you can use it in small, cramped spaces, as well as in big areas.

A floor mirror with a dark colored frame brings a subtle but nice contrast in this living room’s mocha wall. It reflects the white sofa with its brightly colored throw pillows, and the two ottomans in vivid orange serve as accent Mobdro pieces and additional seating in this area.

A beveled floor mirror brings a touch of class and elegance in this parlor. The location of the mirror is near the windows so it helps illuminate natural light and the scones provide a dramatic feel to the space.

This modern style living area uses a large floor mirror with a thick wood frame. The wood used in the frame is the same as those used in the table, media console, and coffee table, making the mirror coordinated with the rest of the furnitures. Your local mirror shop can provide you a custom made mirror such as this one.

Another idea similar to the one above is this Baroque-inspired living area. The huge mirror has beautiful carvings similar to the sofa and the color mimics the white paint of the sofa and ottoman.

Apartments are usually small-spaced and narrow. To maximize space, an open concept design is used in most dwelling spaces. The big floor mirror in this design is located between the living and dining rooms. The position of the mirror reflects some items in the living area Mobdro APK while reflecting natural light from the windows.

Bring symmetry to the living room by having two floor mirrors in the same design. The mirrors are placed beside the fireplace, a great spot for two large mirrors.

A masculine lounge can benefit from an oversized mirror. The floor mirror has a thick, sturdy wooden frame that blends right in with the strong design elements in the room.

Place a floor mirror at the center of a wide wall. Have the frame of your mirror painted in a bold color to give contrast to plain, white walls. If you have no art to display on a wall, put a floor mirror.

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