White Framed Mirrors Bring Classic Look

In decorating, the color white is a popular choice because it is light, neutral, and can be used to match and complement any color. White reflects light and symbolizes innocence and purity. It is clean and brings class to any home design.

When thinking of a big mirror to use in decorating your home, consider using white framed mirrors. Here are inspirations where you can use large mirrors with white frames:

This contemporary bathroom has a large white framed mirror occupying the wall of the his-and-her sinks. The simple frame matches the sleek, clean lines used in the room and the color is the same as the paint on the walls. The size of the mirror is big enough to reflect the lights from the light fixtures and natural light.

A big, square mirror brings elegance and class to this traditional bathroom. It makes the room look expansive and gives depth to the space. It is a great accent to the busy background. The white frame follows the color of the vanity and lets you focus on the mirror.

The beautiful carvings in the white frame of the mirror brings a vintage feel in this area. The space uses strong wood furnitures and flooring and smooth light brown walls. The white frame is a great complement to the color scheme used in this space.

Place a huge mirror in your home gym. The simple white frame of the mirror gives a clean and smooth element to this area without distracting you with elaborate carvings or designs.

A fun girl bedroom can use a beautiful large mirror. With the right size, the mirror can reflect the owner’s petite stature and other elements in the room. The white frame complements the green paint used on the walls.

This bathroom is inspired by old Hollywood glamor. The mirrors give symmetry and repetition to the design. The white framed mirrors are a great contrast to the black walls and help reflect light inside the area.

You can never go wrong with a think frame mirror in white. Hang a simple, square mirror with white frame over the vanity. Place two scones on either side and viola! A classy design and functional element in a traditional bathroom.

Place a huge mirror with vintage carvings in the dining area. You can put white on white (white framed mirror over the white wall) in decorating. The leaning mirror serves as a beautiful design in the dining room.

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Image source: www.houzz.com