Decorating Bathrooms with Frameless Mirrors

Decorating Bathrooms with Frameless Mirrors

Bathrooms are usually smaller than other areas in the home, and interior designers are always on the lookout for ways to make them look larger and more spacious. One great solution is by adding mirrors. Not only do these brighten up the space, these are also essential pieces for our daily personal grooming ritual and check our overall appearance to start our day. These are great decorative items, too.

There are different kinds of mirrors used in decorating bathrooms. One of them is the frameless mirror. It is a popular choice especially for modern bathrooms because it gives that contemporary and elegant look, not the mention the illusion of more space.

Should you decide to use frameless mirrors to decorate your bathroom, here are some things to consider:


There are so many variations of the quality of mirror. In general, you want to have some depth instead of just a flat reflection when you look into the mirror. Frameless mirrors designed for bathrooms have sealed backing and edges. This is done to keep steam and moisture from penetrating the mirror. A frameless one without this feature will most likely result to a hazy mirror. As with anything else, you get what you pay for and when it comes to quality, expect to shell out more money. However, this will prove to be a good decision in the long run since a quality frameless mirror will look great for a long period of time. When you go to a reputable mirror shop, make sure to inform them that you will use the frameless mirrors to decorate your bathroom. They should be able to know the mirrors designed to keep humidity at bay.

white framed bathroom mirror


Think about proportions when it comes to using frameless mirrors in interior design. It is not just the size of the mirror itself but the size of the area as well, so take measurements of the space where you want to hang the mirror. If it turns out to be too big for your bathroom, it will look overwhelming. On the other hand, it will look dwarfed if it is too small, unless of course if it is intended primarily for instances such as applying make-up then a smaller one will be fine.


When attaching a frameless mirror to a bathroom wall, make sure to use mirror clips or mirror mastic, a special glue that enables you to install the mirror without leaving marks on its edges. Installation can be quick and easy. One important step is to prepare the surface of the wall. Make sure that it is clean so the glue will adhere properly. Apply a base coating that works well with your chosen brand of mirror mastic. Do not install a frameless mirror to a wall that has a loose or worn surface. Scrape the wall with a steel putty knife before applying a base coat and the mastic. While you can easily install a frameless mirror with the help of an assistant, it is still best to leave it to professionals. The mirror shop will most likely be able to do it for you.