5 Mirror Styling Tricks

5 Mirror Styling Tricks

No matter what the style or theme is, interior design will not be complete without mirrors. A mirror is not only a decorative piece. It is functional as well. Its reflective nature brings a lot of design possibilities. You can do many things with mirrors which come in different style, sizes, and shapes.

white-mirrorWe already know how mirrors can transform a room. When used correctly, these create an illusion of more space and the light reflected on them makes the room a little bit brighter and more alive. Now, the key is to make sure that you are using mirrors the right way. Get the most out of your mirrors as decorative and functional pieces by keeping these styling tricks into account:

Choose mirrors carefully.

We all know that mirrors are great decorative items, but the type, size, shape, and placement all contribute to how stylish and airy the small room is going to be. Choose the mirror carefully – keeping your room design and layout in mind so you can achieve mega style in a mini space. For instance, place your mirror in a way that it will reflect natural or even artificial light. You’ll see dramatic change in the overall look of the room. When it comes to framed mirrors, try adding a mirror with a scalloped frame. This effectively reflects light, making the space look bigger.

Start at the entryway.

Make your design known by decorating your entryway with a mirror. Add a nice piece of furniture in front of it. The mirror will open up the foyer and reflect your decorative item. If you want to have a soft, warm glow to the room, place a good-looking lamp in front of the mirror.

Add big wall mirrors for great views.

For rooms that are surrounded by scenic views, mount big wall mirrors to reflect the outdoors. Bring the outside in and take advantage of it because not only will this save you on design costs, it is fairly easy to do.

multiple-mirrorsCreate the illusion of a higher ceiling or a wider room.

For a room with a low ceiling, you can mount a mirror on the wall above a tall piece of furniture such as a bookcase. As for a narrow room, fool the eye by adding a horizontal mirror above the sofa. If horizontal mirrors are too common for you, opt for a vertical one. You can then surround it with sconces or frame art to complete the desired effect.

Use small framed mirrors in the kitchen.

If you have cabinets above the countertops or sink, mount small framed mirrors under them to avoid the shadows and create a nice backsplash. Mirror tiles will also produce the same effect.

Adding mirrors may be seen by others as a finishing touch to interior design, but the quality and style of numerous mirrors nowadays can make them the focal point of a room. A mirror is such a simple item to begin with but it brings forth endless design possibilities. These are just five mirror decorating tricks that you can use in your next design project. With a little creativity and imagination, you’ll find that there are way more decorating ideas that you can consider with the use of mirrors.