Decorating With Multiple Mirrors

Whether your redecorating your house or furnishing it from scratch, you can never go wrong with mirrors. A mirror is a less expensive home accessory to invest in when styling a room. Strategically placing a mirror in a small room will create the illusion of a larger room. Hanging a big mirror near a window will make the space brighter. Most rooms in a house needs a mirror for practical and decorative purposes.

With a mirror’s usefulness and functionality, interior designers have always incorporated mirrors when styling a room. One mirror is good, having multiple mirrors is better. Here are some design ideas using several mirrors in a room:


Multiple matching mirrors create a window-like effect in this small dining room. The area has a curve space and the position of the mirrors works well in it. The chandelier is reflected in each mirror, giving a unique dimension to the room. A rectangular mirror will not fit in this room since its shape contrast the shape of the wall.

A small vanity area benefits from these mirrors. The wood framed mirrors mimic the material used in the cabinet and the color complements the brown color scheme. The narrow shape of the mirrors help make the area look visually spacious. Your eyes are directed to the beautiful lamp fixtures.

Make a narrow room look spacious by hanging multiple mirrors on opposite walls. The mirrors create an illusion of space and adds a unique depth and dimension to the space. This makes the space look like an unending tunnel.

To lengthen a room horizontally, hang multiple mirrors on their sides. This design helps make the room look elongated. The position is perfect since the mirrors reflect a nice view such as the light fixture, a painting, and another white mirror across the room. The frame is simple and has a dark tone, blending well to the contemporary dining room.

The three big mirrors complement the style of the yoga room. They create a calm and quite space, perfect for meditation and clearing the mind. The frame has a simple design and painted white to give a Zen-like ambience to the space. The mirrors blend beautifully with the aesthetics of the room.

This amazing mirrored divider is a unique and beautiful design element. The mirror panels have a yellow and black trim, enhancing the eclectic feel of the bedroom. This can be custom made at your local mirror company so you can select the color of the trim and the sizes of the mirrors. You can have a group of small mirrors or big ones, depending on which design will maximize the style of your home.

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