Tips for Choosing the Perfect Full Length Mirror


A full length mirror is a useful home accessory that serves three purposes. First, a full length mirror has a practical purpose. You use it to check yourself, your whole outfit before leaving the house. Second, it is a decorative item which can help enhance the style of a room. Third, it makes a room look larger and brighter.

When choosing a full length mirror, here are tips to help you get the perfect full length mirror:

Tip #1 Consider the type of full length mirror. Full length mirrors are available in two types: leaning mirrors, and cheval mirrors (those which come with stands). Leaning mirrors are stylish and beautiful used as a focal point in a room and is a great statement piece to have. A cheval mirror is flexible since it is easier to move around the house compared to a leaning mirror. You can swivel it from its frame, enabling you to adjust the surface reflected by the mirror.

Tip #2 Think about the size and shape. There are slim, tall full length mirrors and there are large sized ones. You can save some of your budget if you get a narrow mirror, this mirror also makes your reflection look slimmer and skinner. This is used for checking hemlines on a dress or gown. For a more accurate reflection, get a mirror with a proportionate size. You can ask your local mirror shop to custom size a mirror for you.

Full length mirrors are either rectangular or oval in shape. Select the shape that will complement the design of your room. If your room uses simple, straight lines, a rectangular mirror is perfect. For a romantic and dramatic look, consider an oval mirror.

Tip #3 Choose the framing material. There’s a wide variety of frames available for full length mirrors. Same as when buying furnitures for the house, choosing the frame of the mirror should maximize the style of the room. A simple, wood framed full length mirror will go well for a modern, traditional, or rustic room. An elaborately carved frame mirror is a good choice for a contemporary room, or an area where you want to have some feminine flair.

A full length mirror is a large mirror, so extra care should be observed when handling it. If you have a leaning mirror, make sure that it is positioned securely against the wall. You can do this yourself or ask a professional. Place a full length mirror in an area where there is not much traffic such as a corner of the bedroom, or hallway. Keep in mind, safety first.

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