Design Ideas in Using Mirrors at Home

Mirrors are beautiful home accessories. We need them for practical and decorative purposes. They can be used as an accent piece in a room, a wall art, or a finishing touch in a design project. They are versatile and any room can use one or more mirrors.

When choosing a mirror for your home, you have to consider the size, shape, and design of the mirror. You should also think about the best spot on where to place it. It should enhance the style of a room. Visit home decor stores and see their selections or you can consult with your local mirror company if you have a mirror design that you want to have.

With numerous mirrors available, it can be overwhelming on how to incorporate a mirror in your home design. Here are lovely ideas on how to use mirrors for optimum style.

A mirror is an important item to have in a bathroom. Instead of using a generic-looking mirror, hang a mirror with an interesting frame. Place a mirror with ornate carvings on the frame to make the space lively and exciting. You can also choose a frame with a vibrant color to brighten the area. A unique frame can wake you up in the morning as your drowsily come in the bathroom.








A mirror fits seamlessly on the mantel since the pillars and beams serve as its frame. It gives you the illusion of an open space above the fireplace by reflecting the beams of the ceiling and the pin lights. You can have this kind of mirror custom made at your local mirror shop.










The entry needs a mirror to brighten the space. The mirror is in a perfect spot to reflect natural light coming in to the house. It’s also a functional design element to have so you can do a “final look” at yourself before leaving the house. Get a mirror that will maximize the style of this small area.

The floor-to-ceiling mirror looks like another window in this room. The size of the tall mirror makes the room look more expansive and brighter.









Living rooms are great spaces for incorporating large mirrors in the design. Two beveled mirrors of the same size and design brings elegance and a feel of space in this living area. Placing similar mirrors side-by-side creates symmetry and adds glamor to the design. The mirrors reflect different views of the room and the nearby dining room.

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