Tips for Using Mirrors to Create More Space


We love space — whether at home, in our room, in our office cubicle — we prefer the feel of a spacious place to live, work, or play. However, not all of us are lucky to have a grandiose house or office. Usually, dorm rooms, apartment units, work place, etc. are designed to be small. If you have a tiny room that you want to make more expansive, you can either renovate it or do some designer tricks to create an illusion of space. One item that is always used in making a room look more expansive is a mirror. A strategically-placed mirror can magically transform a small space to look spacious.

Tip #1 Place a mirror to reflect light. Light is your friend when it comes to giving a feel of space. A dark room feels cramped and confining so brighten it with mirrors. There are three areas where to place mirrors: opposite the windows, entryway, and on each side of the window. Mirrors in these spots will reflect sunlight and brighten the space.

Tip #2 Increase space in the bathroom. Bathrooms are usually small and narrow. Place a big mirror behind the sink. This will make the bathroom visually large by giving the illusion of space and reflecting light from the window and light fixtures. It’s a practical spot for a mirror since you need to see your reflection when doing your grooming and other morning rituals.

Tip #3 Put mirrors adjacent to the fireplace. The fireplace is usually a dark and confining area in the house. Placing mirrors on opposite sides of it can make it look “put together.” The mirrors will reflect the light from the fire place, giving a soft, muted glow in the room.

Tip #4 Use a large mirror as focal point. Securely place an oversized mirror in a small room. Choose a frame that complements the style of the room where you will have it. The massive size of this mirror will reflect more surface area and give you the illusion of height.

Tip #5 Stylize a mirror with a beautiful lamp. If your room unfortunately lacks windows, place a lamp in front of a wall mirror. Have a table below the mirror and put lovely design elements on the table aside from the lamp. Put some memorable photo frames, travel souvenirs, or a good book.

When designing a small room, don’t be intimidated with using large mirrors. The contrast in size between the two is advantageous to making the room look spacious. A local mirror company can provide you with custom made mirrors to enhance the style of the room.

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