Dramatic Decorating Ideas Using Black Framed Mirrors

Black never goes out of style. From fashion to home decorating, black is a designer’s favorite. The color is bold, versatile, and gives a sense of drama. Black can convey a refined sophistication in whatever space in the house you use it. A staple decorative item that you should have is a black framed mirror. To know where you can perfectly place a black framed mirror in your home, here are some inspirations:

A mirror with a beautifully carved frame in black makes the color of the bathroom pop. The black frame increases the intensity of the deep pink walls of the room and creates a nice focal point.

Add style to cream-colored walls by hanging a big mirror with black frame. The mirror is a great accent piece that not only is decorative, it’s functional as well. It reflects the artworks in the opposite wall and bounces off natural light from outside.

A custom made black frame mirror brings contrast to the stark white bathroom. The position of the large mirror is between two walls with windows, letting the mirror reflect more natural light inside the room. The black frame prevents the room from giving you a sense of a sterile hospital room because of all the white walls, cabinets, and other fixtures.

Break the color monotony of a room by hanging black frame mirrors. Black is a great complement to other colors and it lets these color pop. The mirrors are great accents to the traditional bathroom and provide enough contrast to the blue background.

Bring sophistication to a chic vanity by hanging a large mirror with a simple black frame. The simple lines of the frame doesn’t compete with the busy geometric background and the black frame is a beautiful contrast to the white window. At first glance, you will think there are two windows in the powder room.

A dining room can also use a large black framed mirror. The designer used white, black, and gray as color scheme for this area. The black frame doesn’t overwhelm the whole design and serves as a stunning decorative element in the wall. The mirror makes the room look more open and gives a visual illusion of space.

If you have a space which has lots of colorful elements, find a spot to hang a black frame mirror. With all the busyness created by the vibrant colors in the room, a black frame mirror creates a nice focal point.

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Image source: www.houzz.com